Posted on 24 Jun 2020

Current & Upcoming Collaborations


Umbrella Lane Book Project


Umbrella Lane, in partnership with Arika, are producing a sex worker led book around the theme of Lies and Truths. 


Back in May 2021 we invited people with lived experience of sex work to submit proposals and we are now in the process of working through the submissions to select work to be published. Each submission is paid a fee of £500. More details of selected works and publishing schedules to be announced. 


Trans Femme Futures


Arika is working with Nat Raha and Mijke Van Der Drift to support the development and writing of their new book Trans Femme Futures. Through two writing residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Hospitalfield Arts, Nat and Mijke have been able to work on the book together, which builds on their ongoing collaboration exploring transfeminist practices and collective organising. 


Introduction to Protactile Theory


In this project we continue our collaboration with deaf-blind poet, writer and activist John Lee Clark, who is leading a month-long seminar for deaf-blind participants with the intention of bringing diverse communities into conversation with the Protactile movement. 


Podcast Project by Huw Lemmey 


Arika is currently supporting the creation of a new podcast series by the effervescent writer and artist Huw Lemmey, which will explore the lives, stories and histories of LGBTQ+ elders living in the UK. 




We are currently working towards a public programme of talks, lectures, discussions, and ongoing collaborative workshops with the Ehcho collective in Brazil. Emerging from and with our longstanding collaboration with Denise Ferreira Da Silva, this project will contribute deeply to our process of building slow, deliberate and meaningful relationships in which we co-create space to learn together. 


Clore Leadership Fellowship


One of Arika’s co-directors, Bryony McIntyre, was selected as a Clore Leadership Fellow in 2020. Over the course 2021 she is stepping away from core Arika activities to focus on an intensive leadership course involving research, collaboration, training and development. 



Archive Projects and Web Development


During the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions on public events due to the pandemic, we have been taking the opportunity to review, update and revitalise our project archives, including a massive captioning project with the aim of making our archives more accessible. We are also embarking on a website redesign project, with the goal of launching a new site sometime in early 2022. 


Recent Collaborations  


Revolution is not a one-time event 


An abolitionist programme organised by Che Gossett, Lola Olufemi and Sarah Shin in collaboration with Arika and hosted by Silver Press


Abolition is a perennial and open invitation to take seriously the potential of revolutionary love opposed to carcerality. Over four weeks in August 2020, activists, academics and artists including Saidiya Hartman, Christina Sharpe, Sondra PerryMiss Major, adrienne maree brown and Tourmaline reflected on the horizon, practices and perspectives of abolition and its connections to gender, poetry, technology, performance, speculation, aesthetics and care. The online series of events commemorates Black August and is for anyone who wishes to answer the abolitionist call to action and thought. Full programme here.



Not Going Back To Normal


Harry Josephine Giles and Sasha Saben Callaghan have conceived of a collaborative project that asks disabled artists to write a manifesto for what the arts in Scotland could and should be like for them in the post pandemic era.

This project is produced by Collective and was commissioned and is supported by a group of Scottish arts organisations: ArikaArtlinkCCACollectiveDCAGlasgow School of Art ExhibitionsProject Ability and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.


Long term projects 

Decriminalised Futures


Decriminalised Futures is a collaborative project using creative tools to explore a broad range of topics impacting on the lives of sex workers. The emphasis is on supporting artwork and popular education that speaks to a multiplicity of sex worker experiences; intersects with sex worker rights; and connects with broader social, labour and movement struggles.


The project is led by organisers and artists from SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement), in partnership with Arika and is funded by the Open Society Foundation.




We are constantly in the process of developing and exploring the next Episode in our ongoing series. Episode 11 was originally due to happen during one of many lockdowns in the UK and has subsequently been postponed to Spring 2022. It is likely that this next Episode will mainly focus on relationship building, research and collaborative workshops on a smaller and more intimate scale – updates to follow soon! 


Our last Episode – Episode 10: A Means Without End, took place at Tramway in November 2019, the full documentation is now available in our Archive. 




Other Recent Projects


In the summer of 2019 Arika supported two people from the Scottish Ballroom scene to attend the House Lives Matter convening conference and events at New York City Black Pride including The Heritage Ball. We then supported Vogue Scotland's Grace Jones X Nick Cave Ball.

Arika also were invited to attend a Creators Exchange on the Land on Arran in July 2019 as part of the Indigenous Contemporary Scene events at the Edinburgh Fringe and took part in a follow-up event about Land Acknowledgments and Cultural Protocols. 

The I wanna be with you everywhere festival that took place at Performance Space New York and the Whitney Museum of American Art in April 2019 was a great success. The video, audio and photographic documentation of this event is now available on our Archive. 

We also have ongoing work with sex worker, migrant and anti-poverty groups in Glasgow. You can get a wee insight into the kind of things we've been up to recently here.