Arika | Archive

Posted on 24 May 2018

Since 2011 we’ve been working to bring documentation of our past work into the public domain through our website. On this site, you can access an extensive archive of video and audio recordings of experimental music, art work, discussions, films and performances.  

While the content is largely organised by event you can also filter the hundreds of performances by date, popularity, and navigate by artist and themes. These themes are our attempt to group performances - not according to fixed categories but rather by grouping things irrationally: against categorisation or essentialism. So under Orthodoxy | The Craft you might find music performed by people who are at the cutting edge of technical accomplishment on their instrument, but also a Tarot reading or hex.

Now that the archive is online we're keen to explore and invite insights into how best to encourage and facilitate engagement with the archive content. If you, or an organisation you are a part of would like to enquire about our archive, or propose a conversation around particular documents, artists or themes, please contact us at