Rational | Sachertorte

These paired ‘terms’ are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is to allow (encourage) the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the archive to appear in sometimes unlikely groupings and to resist essentialism. 

Under this heading you might find work that arises out of a kind of proffessorial vibe; maybe august historian of the AACM George Lewis hanging out with Ultra-red at A Survey is a Process of Listening. Then there have been performances at Arika events that resonate with the old Second Vienese School of composition. Instrument builder / hacker Nicolas Collins once referenced Anton Webern's music as inseperable from the taste of Sachertorte cake on Sauchiehall Street one summer's evening. Maybe checking out Radu Malfatti's composition for the Northern Sinfonia will help tie all that together.