Investigation | Information

During KYTN 10 we organised some events that were explicitly billed as Investigations. These were situations where people coming to the festival could access, or get involved with, the processes and concepts some of the artists were using. Here we're grouping work of that ilk along with projects that explicitly deal with information, perhaps in aesthetic or political terms. A starting point: Graham Harwood's film lecture about aluminium and it's place in historical, political and economic structures of power from Episode 1: A Film is a Statement or Ashley Hunt's performed lecture/documentary about Hurricane Katrina.

These paired theme ‘terms’ are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is to allow (encourage) the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the archive to appear in sometimes unlikely groupings and to resist essentialism.