Photo: Bryony McIntyre

JLIAT / James Whitehead


Conceptual writing exhaustively tries to exceed established ways of making art (the various permutations of what we try, (or try not) to express and intend), by (as it turns out) very similar means to the complex ways JLIAT has advanced the boundaries of what can even be considered music. What, we ask (in a modest way), is to be done, so as to exceed tradition? Far/clear sighted and self-erasing future musics as non-representative fictions that ask us what it means to listen…

For e.g. the Still Life series composed continuous streams of data to create digital silence: maximal data values read as different 'nothings' by your CD player, turned directly into DC voltage; warning - “playing a silence which is based on a very high or low binary value at high volume will produce a high DC voltage in the system that could cause overheating of speaker coils and other electronics.” That is to say, a commercially available CD of thousands of 'nothings', which knackers your CD player. Not just a joke, but a diamond-hard conceptual critique. And brilliant. 

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