Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Taku Unami

Inferno Quiz Show

What is a truly experimental performance? Maybe one that gives us no clue as to what a proper response to it might be, or to what it might mean? Invigorating, perplexing, absurd, refined, none of these: maximal anti-understandability…Taku Unami: one of the most hardcore conceptual improvisers in the world, and (amongst many other things, but worth a mention for this performance) death/ black/ sludge metal fan.

A note from Taku: “The Unnamable. Where does the meaning of objects come from? A chair exists to be sat on? A cardboard box exists to contain something? A beer bottle exists to have beer inside? A guitar is to be played? Music is to be listened to? An audience is to listen? What is the meaning of the relationships between objects? Or even, Do these questions exist to be answered? And if an answer exits, perhaps it's nothing? Or it could be anything?” 

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