Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Eric La Casa & Jean-Luc Guionnet


One-shot sonic portraits of 4 houses, their inhabitants and their relationship to sound, from 2 of the most deep-thinking field-recording artists around. The outcome is a  blurry network of cause and effect between residents and musicians, blurring any idea of who the author of the recordings is. The piece is an investigation into how sounds interact with, represent and are part of space, time and everyday life. Jean-Luc and Eric asked a series of questions during their visits, (which may or may not have included): Which is the room you spend most time in? Why? What sounds do you like there? Why? What sounds don't you like there? Why? Do you want a cup of tea? What music do you listen to in this room? Why? Can we use your music to listen to your house? Can we record all of this?

Eric La Casa: one of Europe's leading field recording artist who's incredible releases include recordings spanning the unlikely range of the minute/ mundane/ terrifying sound of up-close Parisian lifts, to arsey Dundonian car park attendants. Jean-Luc Guionnet: we are more and more convinced that Jean-Luc is a key thinker/ doer in European experimental music: studied with Xenakis; plays ferocious, overwhelming organ, spartan to skronking sax, electronics; has read (and understands more clearly) all our favourite theorists.

A CD of this project including the live performance at Tramway and the original 'House' recordings from Uninstal was released on Potlatch records in 2014

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    House Booklet

    During the process we stayed silent, whatever happened. As everything had to be done in real time, we all had to stick to the durations and the protocol we rehearsed. One shot is the most important rule: no stop... no return. We had to improvise with whatever came up, as we have to do it in real life.1 We had two digital recorders with professional microphones: parts 1-3 were recorded in stereo by Eric; part 4 in mono by the person who lives in that house.


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    • CC BY-NC-ND 4.0