Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Brandon LaBelle

In Passing

A silent performance of (musical) reverberation.


Brandon is a musician, writer, publisher and a prominent thinker about sound and its relationship to everyday life.  He thinks about the concepts of music or listening and tries to apply them afresh.  This obliges him to make music that often doesn't seem like music, but, in some new way, is.



A generative performance, In Passing is based on passing around 71 pieces of paper, each containing a small narrative – memories of friends, stories about relationships, the everyday occurrences that bring us together, or that separate us... The papers end by asking the reader to pass the paper along, to someone in the room according to specific instructions or characteristics. The performance tries to open a space in and amongst the audience, to set strangers into conversation and to dramatize the silent thoughts of a reader: the question "who is that over there…?" becomes the beginning of finding commonality within the crowd.



Brandon is interested in the space between sound and sociality. He often adds something seemingly simple to a situation, which prompts you to think about the existing conditions of that situation, through sound, or even just through the idea of sound.  In the case of In Passing we hereby submit that in embodying a social idea of reverberation (the persistence of something in a space after the it was first produced), his performance is indeed a musical one, even if it doesn't sound like it…


Kinds of listening involved

Allegorical - to embody an idea in/ of listening

Collective - to be together (listening)

Quotidian - to listen to the sonic figures of everyday life

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