Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Junko, Ikuro Takahashi & JO JO Hiroshige

Trio assembled to stand in for the advertised duo of Junko and Jerome Noetinger who was unable to attend the festival due to illness. Three iconic figures from the Japanese underground.

Maybe Junko is the demure face of extreme noise, in whose male dominated scene she is pretty unique. Delivered stock still, her screaming vocal style is a nuanced version of all holy hell; piercing, controlled alien shrieks emanate from deep within her scarcely moving throat; not really the result of any kind of physical exertion, it feels more like the exertion of a supreme emotional will.


Jojo Hiroshige is a founding member of the great (est?) Japanese Noise band Hijokaidan, of which Junko is also a member. Starting out in the late 70’s they helped define a sound of crushing intensity, Aktionist influenced physical spectacle and destructive onstage ritual. Jojo has also collaborated widely outside of Hijoakidan, in duo’s with Junko, and with a host of artists on his own legendary Alchemy imprint. 


As a drummer with Fushitsusha, Kosokuya, High Rise, Che-SHIZU, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and a host of others, Ikuro Takahashi has contributed to some of the great music to be borne of collective sweat in Japan over the last 20 years. 

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