Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Charlemagne Palestine

The Golden Mean


21 May 2005  •  The Sage Gateshead, Gateshead

Despite being one of the most influential figures of experimental music and performance of the past 50 years, Charlemagne Palestine remains a true enigma.  Unlike his contemporaries, Terry Riley, John Cale, La Monte Young and Tony Conrad, Palestine has chosen the path less traveled; a bewildering and unique concoction of passionate contrasts encompassing the creation of some of the key works of 20th Century minimalism, early synthesizer experiments that can still be heard in much contemporary industrial and electronic music, early video art benchmarks, dizzying and physically destructive performances and the creation of his God Bear mythology, an extravagant debauch of plush toys and ritual. 

Luc Ferrari had been due to perform at the festival in this slot, but unfortuately couldn't attend in the end. Charlemagne Palestine filled the space with this two piano performance. Members of Arika donated their teddy bears for the performance and live with Charlemagne to this day.
The recording of this performance was released on the net label 7 Things.
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