Photo: Gillian M Smith

Investigation - Taku Unami

With Taku we’ll carry out some simple proposals for doing almost nothing, for re-thinking sound with whatever comes to hand.  So, with you, maybe we can think about: small, performative actions; maximum effort for minimum outcome; agitation; setting things in motion; working with simple ideas; working with whatever comes to hand.

What we said at the time:


All of these investigations will produce knowledge (we hope).  We’ll end each investigation group with a reflection on what has been done that day and what could be done the next.  This will be documented to form an organically growing accumulation of knowledge in Gallery 1 at DCA.


We’ll also use this space, along with Ultra-red, to meet up with our colleagues in community organising, activism and arts education from across Dundee, and give it over to them to use too.


So when it’s not being used for listening sessions or work with specific groups, It’ll be open to you as a kind of evolving investigation of ideas.  Feel free to drop in, and check out what’s been going on, which may or may not include: screeds of filpchart paper and text, audio recordings of Dundee, proposals for how to develop KYTN next, and the like…..An exhibition of dialogue.