Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Loic Blairon

I never needed the metaphor until I started describing the real

What is listening?  What is a situation?  What is our situation? What is it to listen to our situation?

A simple, gracefully bold set-up to allow Loïc to trace connections: of comments upon comments upon comments, of sounds next to sounds next to sounds. A sort of documentation of what can be said, what can’t be written, how evidence is strange... It’s a real-time attempt to dissect the speculative process we all go through when we listen, whether we know we’re doing it or not.  Maybe Loïc will figure something out, maybe you will.


We’re really interested in Loïc (a young French musician, recordist, improviser) for his elegant understanding of the musical/ performance implications of some of the most radical thinking in Europe today (Especially Francois Laruelle, Alain Badiou and questions of immanence).

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