Photo: People in Order, Dir. Lenka Clayton and James Price

Various Artists

Film Programme 3: Collective Actions

Individual experience separated by physical boundaries (of space, time or ability) suggested as communities of collective experience by (perhaps voyeuristic) artists.
In a hard sense you can’t transcend certain physical boundaries, but maybe a transformation or understanding can occur in the reception of community, an accepting of what's common, of similarity and self-expression.
The Singing Lesson 2, Dir. Artur Zmijewski, 2003, Poland, 17 mins
Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, and Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw
People in Order, Dir. Lenka Clayton and James Price, 2006, UK, 3 mins
Freund Hein, Dir. Elizabeth Smolarz, 2007, USA, 4 mins 15 secs
50 50, Dir. Oliver Laric, 2007, Germany, 2 mins
it's me singing, Dir. Gabriele Undine Meyer, 2008, Germany, 1 mins 15 secs
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