Ben Tatler, Brian Morton, Chris Black, Ellen Waterman, Felix Hess, Kjell Björgeengen, William Bennett & Zoe Irvine

Salon and Q&A

Discussions hosted by Brian Morton encouraging the audience to get involved. Speakers: William Bennett, Kjell Bjorgeengen, Felix Hess, Prof. Chris Plack, Dr. Benjamin Tatler, Dr. Ellen Waterman. The day will start with introductions to the fields of audio and visual perception from expert psychologists in the field. Then we will go on to hear from practitioners and academics on facets of perception in performance, film, installation and culture more generally. The aim of the day is to wake up our perceptions and our critical faculties in a way that complements the coming festival. 

  • Zoe Irvine Intro

  • Ben Tatler Talk

  • Ben Tatler Q & A

  • Brian Morton Introduces Chris Plack

  • Chris Plack Talk

  • Chris Plack Q & A

  • Brian Morton Introduces Ellen Waterman

  • Ellen Waterman Talk

  • Ellen Waterman Q & A

  • Ben Tatler

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  • Ellen Waterman

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