Photo: Bryony McIntyre

eriKm, Etienne Caire & Gaëlle Rouard


Employing elaborate optical techniques and sharp, encyclopedic musical juxtapositions, LEVOX is a new project from these 3 heavy thinkers in sound and image.  Both filmmakers and musician work with what seems like the whole gamut of dramatic cinema’s legacy; it’s stereotypes, its sentimental pronouncements, its fatal dénouements; reconstituted and reworked by hand, coloured, cropped, re-shot and re-printed; soundtracks layered, slowed, sped up and reformed.

Imagery is drawn from what seems like hundreds of different films are overlaid, combined and contrasted in a promissory rainbow of new meanings and impossible scenarios, with the unsettling feel of daylight shadows and lights in the night.  In a flow of colours and dramatic intrigue the unknown sits next to the know, and draws meaning from it.


eriKm’s contribution to LEVOX is a patent-pending, made-in - France broken/ punk take on Musique Concrète which he shares with fellow KYTN performers Jérôme Noetinger and Lionel Marchetti, derived from an approach to turntables that seems just, you know: beyond.  Working as an equal, (taking part in the same game might be a good way to put it I guess), to the filmmakers, the sound is culled and ripped from film soundtracks; reworked, and layered into half-rhythms of inchoate screams and slammed car doors marking out time.


All in all, a dizzying and intense experience, full of compressed narratives and real drama.

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