Andrew Lampert with Steve Beresford, Okkyung Lee & Mark Saunders

A new work devised in collaboration with Steve Beresford, Okkyung Lee and Mark Sanders; a performance for projectionist, musicians and audience, using gels, lenses, prisms, props and spoken instruction, and which plays with references to Oscar Levant and Gershwin. Or put another way, a performance which might appear to be a series of small doeses of apparent chaos, but through which, and over time, form and meaning slowly take shape as a result of process which is both the internal logic of Andrew’s work and your place next to / in it.

Andrew Lampert is a NYC based filmmaker and chief archivist at Anthology Film Archives. His work, based on a deep knowledge of experimental film, has a slight maveric streak, and what in practice feels like a slightly absurd, non-menacing confrontational bent, is some of the best film-as-performance we’ve seen in ages.

Because as well as producing some achingly beautiful works (marked by their interest in small-gauge or intimate forms – 8mm home movies for instance) Andrew also has a keening interest in the relationship between artist / performer, art and audiences: in how we all, as audiences and in different times, places and locations, react to art, often with varying degrees of awkwawrdness.

Steve Beresford, pianist, trumpeter, and bon viveur is returning to KYTN following his performance of Screen Play by Christian Marclay last year. Okkyung Lee ( a long time Lampert collaborator and subject of some of his most beautiful films), is one of the most inspired young cellists playing out at present. Mark Sanders is one of the most talented and prolific drummers in the UK.

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    Lampert, would you please stop putzing around and do what I told you to do?

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