Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Christian Marclay, John Butcher, Paul Lovens & Steve Beresford

Christian Marclay's Screen Play

UK premier of a new film by Christian Marclay composed and annotated to be read as a graphical score, interpreted at KYTN by three of the most exciting improvising musicians in Europe.  A stalwart of the downtown music scene Marclay’s interests exist across traditional artistic boundaries.  A pioneering force in the early 80’s New York, melding the DIY punk/no wave ethos with a healthy slab of Fluxus performance, Marclay turned his attentions on the turntable and thrift shop vinyl, using damaged and re-assembled recording to create his music.  More than a musician, his vision also takes in striking video pieces, filmworks and installations, remarkable for the startling simplicity of their ideas and their obsession with sound, its meaning and its representation.

Christian describes this work as “a musical score in the form of a video projection instead of notation on paper.  I composed a silent collage of found film footage partially layered with computer graphics to provide a framework in which live music can develop.  Moving images and graphics give musicians visual cues suggesting emotion, energy, rhythm, pitch, volume and duration.  I believe in the power of images to evoke sound.”


Steve Beresford has assembles a heavyweight trio to interpret Screen Play.  Multi-instrumental Beresford is himself a pivotal figure in the UK jazz and avant-garde scene; here he’s reconvened with John Butcher and Paul Lovens.  Butcher is a startling sax player with a beautiful and personal approach to his instrument, soaked in overtones, multiphonics and acoustic feedback.  Lovens is one of the most respected percussionists in Europe, with a hand in crafting some of the most breathtaking sides of improvised music to have ever been born of collective toil.

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