Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Thuja & Keith Evans


10 Dec 2004  •  DCA, Dundee


Thuja specialise in a unique and abstract folk music, a devoutly organic tapestry deeply rooted in the sway and bow of nature.  Emerging from the parks and backwoods of San Francisco with an array of home made log harps and rustling percussion, their sound, [full of natural rattles, rusty drones, the snap of twigs] seems to slowly and hypnotically evolve, obeying laws of organic growth into meditative, deep listening suites of great emotional depth.

Keith Evans is one third of Silt, a para-naturalist cinematic lab of sorts, who blend scientific investigation with natural phenomena and mysticism in an approach to film directly analogous to Thuja’s organic approach to sound; often film material is rusted, drowned in rivers, inhumed in the ground, pitted by mold and bacteria, and generally offered up to the alchemical whims of the earth, like primal fossils unlocking the organic dimensions of film.  In performance they coerce projections, natural materials and lights to create extremely beautiful and thoughtful perceptual explorations, with a real and honest connection to the natural source material.  This collaborative performance, [one that has already had our staff out in the woods, searching for suitable logs], promises to be an utterly unique experience.

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