Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Sachiko M & Anthony McCall

What we wrote about them at the time…


Sachiko M is one of the most prominent members of the Japanese Onkyo school of improvisation, which stresses emphasis on the placement of sound over structure; within a particular piece of work but also within the space that it is created.  Her unique style utilizes a memory-free sampler, coaxing subtly progressing works from the piercing sine waves of the device's built-in test tones. It makes for a delicately physical music, which induces constantly creeping, rolling waves inside your head, and during which even small movements in your position in the room, or even in the angle of your ears to the speakers, radically change your perception of the music.

The solid light films of Anthony McCall sculpturally deal with the mechanical process of projection, giving voice to the projected light-beam itself.  McCall uses a smoke filled room to give form and weight to the beam, sculpting light as it’s picked out in the haze into infinitesimally, inexorably evolving physical objects of intense and almost mathematical rigor, yet also of real and physical beauty.  Much like Sachiko’s work, these films are best experienced spatially, imploring to be looked at, not on the screen, but in the space of the gallery.