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Resonance Radio Orchestra

Overheard (Performance Part 1) and Festival Introduction

The first performative part in a game of chance and endurance as actor Tam Dean Burn constantly broadcasts for 24hrs. Preceded by an introduction to the festival from Barry Esson of Arika.

Who:The worlds leading radio art station. "A radio station like no other. A radio station that makes public those artworks that have no place in traditional broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible…"


What: A performance, a radio show, an installation, an endurance test. A game of chance. Constantly broadcasting live, actor Tam Dean Burn will leave Tramway at the start of INSTAL and walk away from it, in an ever increasing spiral, for a day. Then he'll walk back. And so, after two days, he'll end up back on stage; spent. We'll listen to him listen to Glasgow, for 48 hours. //


Why: Listening to live radio is unique, you hear sounds that only suggest what's going on. You never see their cause: you have to imagine a sound's context. You listen to something that could be totally real, but is still sort of unknowable. So but then: what's the difference between the Glasgow Tam walks through and the one conjured by what you hear? Which is more real? Live 24hr a day continuous broadcast – tune into between 19:30 on Friday 12 and 19:20 on Sunday 14


The performers in the Resonance Radio Orchestra at this performance were Chris Weaver, Luke Fowler, Mark Vernon, Barry Burns and Tam Dean Burn.

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