Photo: Alex Woodward

Matthieu Saladin

Noises Off

A kind of performed installation of searing noise and silence, where we're not sure who the performer is, (Matthieu, you, someone else?), or when it starts or ends (when you come in, when you leave) or even who it's for.

What we wrote at the time: Who: French improviser, composer, writer & musical thinker of dry humour and elegant clarity. Sly conjurer of music from the unconsidered processes of music making. 


Why: Matthieu said to us in an email: "Well, the project is quite simple, but all my projects are simpleā€¦" Indeed. But they also make clear the assumptions we all make about what counts as a performance, or as music at all, when in fact no such rules exist, only those assumptions. So in that way, they're not so simple after all.

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