Photo: Alex Woodward

Matthieu Saladin

Eject & No Disc

French improviser, composer, writer & musical thinker of dry humour and elegant clarity. Sly conjurer of music from the unconsidered processes of music making.

What we wrote about it at the time: What: Three short chats about CD's that play with the rules of CD's. First bribe of the festival: Free CD's for everyone who attends, so that and because; the performances end at home (your home), (although we won't all be there), an intimate performance for one? Anyway, three chats where in we might ask: do you even have to hear something for it to be musical? Can music be conjured simply by an idea?


Why: Matthieu explores a property or quality of music in a radical way. Each of his works examines an aspect of music (and how it is made, produced/ consumed, or listened to) that appears to be so self-evident as to warrant precisely zero investigation, and says: "Yeah: but what if?"

  • Eject

  • No Disc

  • Rotation