Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Oshiri Penpenz


13 Oct 2006  •  The Arches, Glasgow


What we said at the time…

Hailing from Kansai scum rock scene in Japan, which also recently spawned Afrirampo, Oshiri Penpenz (translated as a ‘skelped arse’, I’m informed) offer up some pretty inventively shoddy No Wave, damaged garage jams and crazed instant vocal shrieks.  Although that might sound chaotic, (and indeed their live shows are exactly that), their off kilter approach is just phenomenally on the money.  Their sound is a rickety clatter filled with rasping, yelped vocals, scattered drum shots, and percussive, wildly immediate guitar scrapings thrown out in the most physical of ways.  The “most violent live rock action in Japan” was how JOJO of Hijokaidan described them, and he sure would know.  This is their first performance outside Japan and it should be a blast for sure.

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