Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Maryanne Amacher

What we said at the time…

Maryanne is a definitive musician for me, one you reach for when some drunken pal challenges you to explain what all this ‘experimental’ music is about: she’s quite simply one of the coolest, daring musicians I can think of, with a unique and very personal vision; unfalteringly, theoretically rigorous but also thrilling, physical and LOUD, full of massive, sweeping drones and ear splitting detail.

Maryanne is interested in sound; not necessarily air born sound, but structural born sound, sound that rattles buildings but also the inner workings of your head and body. Sound that can excite your ear into hearing psycho-acoustic sounds that aren’t really there, that effect your perception of the space around you. She’s predominantly produced large scale installations, in which she creates “Sound Characters” that traverse whole buildings; creating atmospheres with the drama of a cinematic close up, she’s called it “a form of sonic theatre in which architecture magnifies the sensorial presence of experience. Rooms, walls, and corridors that sing”. Sound is tactile, can be felt to move, tonal colours interact as spatial presences. Sound is felt throughout the body as well as heard.

At Instal, Maryanne will present a rare live performance which, although not a full installation, will still make use of the unique acoustic and spatial properties of the Arches to rattle your body and help you locate your third ear.

This is her first ever performance in Scotland.

Maryanne requested that the performance, since it is so much to do with space and experience in the moment, was not recorded, so there is no audio or video documentation from this piece.