Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Kiyoharu Kuwayama & Rina Kijima

Kuwayama & Kijima


15 Oct 2006  •  The Arches, Glasgow

What we wrote about them at the time…

In addition to his solo performance project Lethe, Kiyoharu Kuwayama is teaming up with his long term collaborator Rina Kijima for a performance at Instal; it should be special indeed. They’ve been playing together for years now, and the recorded documents of those performances, often staged in under a bridge at night, or in abandoned Shinto shrines are startling.

Using violin and cello the duo map out a twilight, in the moment, sonic world that seems to tread the faultlines between improvisation and composition; there’s an indeterminate, non-linear and metaphysical nature to their communication. Circling each other, intertwined in incredibly intuitive yet complex patterns their moment by moment improvisations often sound preconceived, laboured over for months. Sounds might well have been recorded post midnight on the far side of some abandoned warehouse, but they resonate on the far side of your skull, scraped textures of wire found metal resonating in an echoing vacuum.

This is their first show in the UK.

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