Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Sun City Girls


15 Oct 2005  •  The Arches, Glasgow


What we wrote about them at the time…


Perhaps the paradigm of America’s covert musical subculture, Sun City Girls operate just over the border of raucous delirium.  Since forming the band in ’82 from the remnants of Paris 1942 (a fugitive Arizona unit featuring the Velvet Underground’s Maureen Tucker), Charles Gocher and brothers Alan and Rick Bishop have marked out a distinct, psychotropic landscape with a brazenly eclectic and unique set of cardinal points.

Through a slew of albums, singles, cassettes, compilations and side projects stretching far over the horizon, the Girls’ musical soul, (the crystalline, skronky essence of Rick Bishop’s guitar, Gotcher’s scattered, clattering traps, and Alan Bishop’s bass-line mantras) continually profits from an inspired form of musical osmosis, pulling in inspiration via a pan-global third eye.  It’s a unique vista that includes convulsive rubber-lipped vocal numbness, Asian-hued psychedelia, trashy rock covers and sleazy pop satire. The Girls’ live show takes the exhilaration of their recording and ratchets it skyward: although it’s impossible to divine what form their show at Instal might take, it could well involve Kabuki theatre, ranting late night psychodrama or shadow puppetry.  This is their first ever performance in Scotland.