Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Directing Hand


15 Oct 2005  •  The Arches, Glasgow


What we wrote about them at the time:


Always on the brink of the unknown, but prepared for the expressive leap into musical freedom, Alex Neilson is one of the most exciting free drummers to have emerged in years. Across a stellar clutch of collaborations, (with Richard Youngs, Jandek, Mirror, and Ashtray Navigations amongst others), his has become a music of both concentration and release.  

His work as Directing Hand (a solo project, but involving Phill Todd and Ben Reynolds of Ashtray Navigations and David Keenan of Taurpis Tulas) utilizes bells, electronics, a raft of percussion and particularly out vocals and confirms his as a life force of ecstatic clarity capable of loquacious bursts of affirmation.

Joining them in this performance was Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis of Blood Stereo.

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