Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Six Organs of Admittance


16 Oct 2004  •  The Arches, Glasgow

What we wrote at the time…


Pitching Fahey inspired, eastern-infused folk vibrations, sad elliptical drones and oracle chants into one kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory experience, Ben Chasny’s Six Organs… have, since their debut in ’98, carved out a singular trough within the ‘New Weird America’. Over the course of 5 albums, each growing in scope and scale, Chasny has honed a style all his own, intermingling forceful raga blues, delicate magnetic, finger-picked melodies, a wistful Zen vocal delivery and a flair for peeling down into dark drifting drones or up through searing buzz guitar riffs. Whilst clearly elucidating a personal vision, Chasny is a key facet of a burgeoning global consciousness that spans artists as divers as Ghosts Masaki Batoh, Jack Rose/ Pelt, Tower Recordings and Richard Youngs.  This is his first UK show.

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