Photo: Bryony McIntyre



23 Nov 2003  •  The Arches, Glasgow


What we wrote about them at the timeā€¦

Formed as a means to realise William Bennett's goal of "a sound that could bludgeon an audience into submission" and on the backdrop of Birdseed, the group's most inventive and sonically sculpted noisescapes of their 23-year existence, this is an extremely rare chance to catch the pioneering, brutal and head splittingly radical electronic force of nature that is Whitehouse. Infamous for their much debated, taboo-blasting lyrics, [spine-chillingly dramatic and involving sneering indictments that have recently developing a degree of complexity and intellectualised psychological probing], they remain utterly dedicated to what they do, still displaying a readiness to experiment and re-birth their core palette of explorations into unchallengeable sonic extremes, electronic noise and feedback. Whitehouse remain an oft-misunderstood group, but one that deserves a wider audience. Here's your chance.