Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Alva Noto



01–02 Dec 2002  •  The Arches, Glasgow

Carsten Nicolai has been responsible for some of the most innovative and ground-breaking electronica of the last few years, both as a solo artist and as one of the founders of the Raster-Noton record label.  His sound can be heard in the microhouse of isolee or the Germanic electro of to rococo rot and much in between: but it’s never matched.  He’s an originator and his performance at Instal, with his patented 60 cycle hums, static pops, and terse electron pinpricks mutated into perfect, post-techno grooves and synaesthesic video, is only his second ever in the UK.

We started documenting our events in 2003 so unfortunately there is no video or audio documentation of this performance. If you have a bootleg or any photos you'd like to share with us, we would love to see them: get in touch with us here.

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