Photo: Alex Woodward

Project X & Storyboard P

Speech Captions Body Language

A performative conversation between dancers and audience, Speech Captions Body Language was collectively devised by Storyboard, Project X and Arika, and developed out of a workshop hosted by Project X and folks on their associate dance programme

When Storyboard talks about dance, he can sound like a visionary poet—speech is a caption for body language, dance a way to speak without speaking, a slang of movement that can carry vibrations like the animation of tarot cards and hieroglyphs.


For this event, members of Project X and Storyboard P selected tracks to dance to and then asked and responded to questions posed through improvised movement. Between tracks, they would pause to chat with the audience reflect and reflect on the thoughts, emotions and sensations they experienced while dancing, in a kind of as annotate the space which movement inhabits—somewhere between thought and communication.


In keeping with Story’s thinking about dance as a gestural language, and speech captioning body language, this event was BSL translated and STTR captioned.  


Jointly created by, Ashanti Harris, Claricia Kruithof, Marcy DePina, Mele Broomes, Rhea Lewis, Storyboard P and William Freeman




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