Photo: Illustration Mia Wolff, Words Samuel R. Delany

Samuel R. Delany

Being for Others

Chip’s written some of the greatest of all Sci-Fi and Fantasy—page turning character driven diamond-hard novels and short stories: each a lens that refracts our real-life struggles and desires. Chip’s going to read some of his ground-breaking fiction, and then we will chat about it.

Through the most intimate of personal revelations to the most far-reaching speculations, and with luminous stylistic precision, Chip’s fiction acts as a lens to refract our real-life struggles and desires. He writes about a civilization of 6,000 planets that reject ideas of a centre and promotes interspecies sexual relations. Or he explores the plagues, carnivals and liberation struggles of ancient cities and the complex relationships between power and subjection that might exist there. He documents fictional writers writing about writing. And always, pointing to something bigger than any one story, he writes about our own worlds, here and now.


Content Note: Possible Explicit Content

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