Che Gossett

Blackness, Animality and the Unsovereign


23 Oct 2016  •  Tramway, Glasgow


How black radical practices of abolition imagine a way out of the caging and mass killing of life.

The caging and mass killing of animal life, the caging and mass killing of Black life, and the racial capitalism that propels premature death are connected in a deadlock by white militarised masculinity and colonial fantasies. Black radical practices of abolition provide a way to think about this deadlock, and imagine a vision of freedom for all life.

Che Gossett

Che is a Black genderqueer archivist and activist whose work excavates the queer of colour AIDS activist and trans archives. A recipient of multiple awards and grants, they have spoken publically and written about legacies of black queer solidarity with queer necropolitics in Palestine, prison abolition and (anti)blackness. Right now Che is especially interested in abolition as worlding, the radical potentiality of black study/thought and how it forces a rethinking of critical animal studies. They are working on a book project titled Blackness, the Beast and the Non Sovereign.

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