Ann Cvetkovich, Eboni Marshall Turman, Frank Roberts, Michael Roberson, Robert Sember, Terre Thaemlitz & Vogue'ology

We have something to say about... Pt1

A historical narrative of the black and Latino/a transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay House and Ballroom Scene in relation to race, gender, sexuality and class oppressions.

A Historical Narrative of the Black and Latino/a Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay House and Ballroom Scene.


The House & Ballroom Scene is a creative collective and kinship system established and sustained by Black and Latino/a transgender, lesbian, bisexual and gay individuals.  While the modern ballroom scene was constituted almost 50 years ago, its roots are in the Harlem Renaissance and the strategies of survival and creative expression developed during slavery.  Ballroom Scene members Michael Roberson Garçon, Pony Zion Garçon and Frank Roberts review this history in the context of centuries-long struggles for liberation.  They also examine - through a conversation with Womanist theologian Eboni Marshall Turman and others - the Ballroom Scene’s struggle with and response to intersecting race, gender, sexuality and class oppressions.


Vogue’ology is an investigative team consisting of members of the House|Ballroom scene and Ultra-red. At Episode 5, Vogue'ology members Robert Sember, Michael Roberson Garçon, Pony Zion Garçon and Frank Roberts were in attendance. For this discussion Episode 5 participants Terre Thaemlitz and Ann Cvetkovich also joined in.

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