Photo: © Ruthie Singer-Decapite

Terre Thaemlitz

Soulnessless - Cantos I-IV

An audio and video investigation of gender cults, Catholicism, hauntings and nuns’ use of audio devices…

What we wrote about it at the time: Starting from their notion of Soulnessless, Terre has spent over four years actively investigating a series of seemingly disjunctive events and contexts through video and audio.  “Canto I is concerned with the ways medical gender transitioning fosters essentialist ‘gender cults’ that further entrench patriarchal gender constructs. Canto II attempts to decipher the social messages underlying the unusual frequency of ghosts and hauntings experienced by undocumented Filipina(o) workers in Japan. Canto III investigates the use of electronic audio devices by nuns in their convents. Canto IV uncovers the secret anti-war functions of all-male Catholic military prep schools in the US.”