Photo: Alex Woodward

Ann Cvetkovich

Public Feelings

The role of feelings in public life, (political) depression and creative survival.

What we wrote about it at the time: Drawing on her recent book, Depression: A Public Feeling (Duke 2012), Ann will discuss her collective and collaborative work with Public Feelings groups to forge creative modes of knowing and feeling.   She will consider how queer cultures challenge conventional notions of expertise through creative practices that bring into being new possibilities for physical bodies and their meanings, with implications not only for queer sexual lives but for others, too.  Connecting the intimacy of sexuality and the way in which it is shared as public feelings, she sets out an understanding of how counter-languages, gestures and impulses (aesthetics?) are a way in which to embody and communicate a queer community politics; of how queer affect and feelings are de-pathologised to create new modes of creative survival.

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