Photo: © Antonia Baehr/Make Up Productions

Antonia Baehr

My Dog Is My Piano

An audio/ video, lecture/ performance exploring the queer and companionly inter-activity of human-animal relations. There is no documentation available for this event, although it was reviewed by Amy Bromley for the Glasgow Review of Books.

What we wrote about it at the time: What if we extended the queer blurring of borders between genders and social hierarchies further, to also re-write human-animal relations as a kind of companionly intra-activity? "My Dog is My Piano" sketches a subtly analytical and subjective acoustic portrait of the affinity between Baehr’s mother and her dog.  Can the house they share be read as the musical score for stories of canine-human living together? What kind of language emerges from this long duet of everyday comings and goings, of these choreographies of affinities? 

Photo: © Antonia Baehr/make up productions

Concept, Composition, Performance: Antonia Baehr


Dramaturgical advice: Valérie Castan


Sound: Fred Bigot


Light Design: Sylvie Garot, Georgia Ben-Brahim


Sound Mastering: Angela Anderson


Organiser: Alexandra Wellensiek


Production: make up productions


With the support of: FAR° festival des arts vivants (Nyon)


Thanks to: Bettina von Arnim, Tocki von Arnim, Donna J. Haraway, François Noudelmann, Avital Ronell, Gertrude Stein, Villa Gillet / Walls and Bridges NYC. Infinite Affinities - Chords and Discords