Photo: Ouidade Soussi-Chiadmi

Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz


Trans-temporal drag, sexuality and the re-staging of illegible moments in history.

What we said about it at the time: With a mixture of punk, drag, queerness and droll European affectlessness, Boudry / Lorenz’s razor sharp but often coolly funny films carefully re-present and reconsider composite and jumbled characters: individuals and groups that have historically been marked as ‘other’, freaky, perverse, racialised or socially outcast.  Through mimicry and imitation, (is that a drag Fassbinder, Poly Styrene or Benjamin’s tortoise walking bourgeois time-waster?) and with halting delivery, staged dissatisfaction or disdain, the visceral pull of the past is mined so as to interrogate the conditions of the present in a kind of trans-temporal drag (multiple times existing at once, queerly). 

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