Photo: Bryony McIntyre


Austin 05

Time / place

28 Aug 2005  •  Scottish Rite Theatre, Austin


In 2005 we produced a series of performances with Corwood Industries with appearances at our INSTAL and Music Lovers Field Companion 05 festivals along with a series of dates around the UK and in the US. This event at the Scottish Rite Theatre in Austin, Texas featured Jandek playing with Juan Garcia, Nick Hennies and Chris Cogburn.

The audio and video recordings of this performance were released as Austin Sunday (Corwood 0786) and lists the tracks as 

Throw Me Away (9.13)
Ugly Man (7.12)
Lithe Body (9.25)
The Police (7.21)
Run Away (5.32)
If I Wanted (5.45)
Wine You Devil (8.50)
You Hold Me Up (5.37)
You Just About Killed Me (6.53)
Little While (5.36)
Lonely Dog (6.51)
Let Me Try Again (12.54)