Photo: Corpus Callosum Dir. Michael Snow

Michael Snow

Corpus Callosum


18 Oct 2003  •  DCA, Dundee


Corpus Callosum, Dir. Michael Snow, 2002, Canada, 16mm, 92 mins

Part old-fashioned Renaissance man, part hardcore avant-gardist, the Canadian painter-photographer-filmmaker-musician gives full vent to his genius in the exhilarating perceptual vaudeville, named after the 'central region' of tissue that acts as a conduit between the brain's two hemispheres.

Problematically hybrid, Snow's piece similarly bridges the gap between sound and image, nature and artifice, film and video, art and entertainment.

Rigorously predicated on irreducible cinema fact, Snow's structuralist epics - Wavelength and La Region Centrale - announced the immanent passing of the film era. Rich with new possibilities, Corpus Callosum heralds the adevent of the next.

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  • Corpus Callosum, Dir. Michael Snow